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A grain of sand

A piece of dirt

A little scratch

A tiny hurt


Begins to grow

Begins to spread

Begins to build

With little said


And yet a hand

So far unseen

Creates and forms

And moulds a dream


Unwanted hurt

From humble start

Transformed and changed

In tender heart


A pearl is formed

Of value much

Beneath the care

Of a master touch


Tina – September 2010



  1. loved it, thanks.

  2. Simple but lovely!

  3. Oh, Lovely! Really, the ease of rhyme is beautiful and so un-intrusive. Lovely

  4. what a way to start your blog Libbi. 🙂

    now I have more (meaningful) reading …

  5. from Brenda Alicia Botha….

    FINALLY Lord,

    when the silly irritations

    of life get to me

    and wear me down,

    and nastiness repeatedly

    zones in on me

    threatening to destroy

    all You have

    accomplished in my life

    to this point.

    Remind me,

    that the irritation of the oyster

    creates the perfect pearl;

    so there’s hope for me yet …

    · For You see me as a pearl in the making.

    ‘Brenda’ Psalm 23

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