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In 2005 my husband sold a Harley Davidson to a woman. At the time she said she would like to meet his wife – me. A few months later we made an arrangement to meet at the Mug and Bean. I was a bit resistant as I did not know why we must meet? It was a humbling experience…… We ate – nothing spectacular – and then I announced that I needed to go and fetch my kids from school. Karon took a cream packet out of her bag and gave me this gift. I was shocked and overwhelmed. I opened the gift to find a string of pearls – beautiful, genuine, shiny, lustrous ….. Karon said she felt God say that she should give me this string of pearls to remind me how precious I was to God! Well I was overwhelmed as the concept of pearl creation has consistently been a fascination to me and pearls have been gems of significance in my life. I had a book in my brain called “ A string of pearls”! The concept has been incubating for about 10 years now! Transformed into “Irritating Pearl Creating.” 

Pearls are born out of the grit and irritants that are added! Bone, metal, mud, wood, pieces of shell – an irritant of this nature is needed to begin the process of forming a pearl. These irritants are in my life and yours! Once the irritant has been added even cultured pearls form unassisted by mankind. The pearl is the secret of the waters – the deep, deep waters. They are each one a miracle, unique, rare and expensive (costly).

 The oyster incubates the irritant and over time creates something beautiful! 

Deep water experiences…requiring life threatening dives into uncharted waters to uncover, retrieve and display as adornment….. Pearls are associated with tears….. time…..wisdom….. Pearls are considered a belief in solid values, beauty, completeness, happiness, truth, perfection, love, wealth, wisdom…pearls are timeless. Pearls are warm organic creations. They thrive on being loved, worn regularly and displayed to their full advantage! 

As I share mine with you – perhaps you will share yours!